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Nurturing talent


Our newest Project Manager, 26-year-old Mahesh, is no stranger to Snehalaya. He first came to our children’s shelter home when he was in 4th standard, admitted by his mother after his father, who was on a disability pension from the army, passed away.

He stayed at our home until he reached 11th standard. Unfortunately, at the time we did not have the resources to support his education further*, so taking the advice of our founder Girish he signed up for an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) course which would give him practical skills to find a job and support himself through his 12th standard and university. Completing the course, he found work as a lathe turner and took over responsibility for looking after his mother while also studying towards a four-year BSc in agricultural technology at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth (MPKV) university in Rahuri.

We’re so happy to have him back with us using his qualification in heading up our newest project, our Agricultural Training Center which bridges the gap between young people from our rural district looking for work and the companies desperate for skilled workers. Our first batch of students are half way through their studies and Mahesh is proving to be a great leader. He says: “Snehalaya gave me ambition, I wouldn’t be where I am now without that. I’ve always been grateful for that and I would do anything for this organisation that gave me a childhood. I’m really happy that as soon as I graduated I was able to find a place working here.”

As a teenager, Mahesh took part in a photography course run by one of our international volunteers and we are also grateful he is back using the skills he learned to document our activities. Some of his earlier work will be included on display at our International Women’s Day photography exhibition in London, UK on 8 March.

*Fortunately, with the help of our generous donors we are now able to support all our children through their higher education. However, we can’t do it without support, please help us to nurture our future talent by donating to our education project.

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