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Early intervention recognised

If you visit Snehalaya there is no doubt you will see Chandrakant Shembade, who is responsible for the early years’ development of our younger children, surrounded by gaggles of youngsters as they go about their daily routine. He is completely dedicated to their development and growth so we were very pleased when his work was recognized by Ummeed Child Development Center in Mumbai. The NGO which provides specialized care, training, research and advocacy for the development of children with disabilities invited Chandrakant to present a paper at their “Meri Community, Meri Pahchan” conference in December.

Chandrakant was joined by his colleagues Renuka Dahatonde and Jayshree Shinde who co-presented their work experience with our children with special needs who attend our Early Intervention Center. He and Renuka also discussed and shared the benefits they have experienced by completing the Child Development Associate (CDA) Course for working with Children.

The response from the audience was very positive and the confidence and pride Chandrakant, Renuka and Jayashree have in their working practices have increased as a result.

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