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Read our 2015/16 Annual Report

We are pleased to share the highlights of the last financial year in our 2015/16 Annual Report. We firmly believe that: "every woman and child should have the right to a life free from inequality, cruelty and discrimination,"and significant progress was made during the year to reach out to even more vulnerable individuals and communities. Our 16 projects served over 29,000 beneficiaries across four key areas, education, healthcare, rehabilitation, and awareness.

We are especially delighted to report an increase in or mortality rates with no HIV-related deaths at our Rehab Center for the first time in our 27 year history.

Raising awareness in our local communities is at the core of our mission and the opening of our Smile and Snehbandhan projects are further improving the lives of women. Our outreach programmes were given a further boost through the year-long Students Stand with Malala campaign and the expansion of our women's shelter to Pune.

You can read more here on how:

  • Our latest outreach project in Jamkhed is bringing important health education and raising awareness of their rights to a closed community of Tamasha artists.

  • Our three year British Council partnership has seen our teachers enjoy exchanges with their peers from Welland Park School in the UK. Reciprocal visits have helped introduce new teaching methods and resources into our English Medium School, enhancing our staff and students’ learning and global outlook.

  • Over 300 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) looking for love attended our marriage matchmaking camp held as part of our World AIDS week activities in December. Four happy couples sealed the deal in marriage ceremonies the following week.

  • When devastating floods hit Chennai, our youth volunteers were one of the first teams on the scene helping to coordinate and distribute much needed food and blankets to those affected.

  • Construction has started on our new developments including a 100-bed hospital and 50-bed adoption center, these will provide improved and larger facilities for HIV health and adoption provision.

  • Saba chose education over marriage and now acts as a mentor encouraging others in our slums to stay in school. She is currently studying engineering while also picking up essential digital and language skills at our IT Center.

  • When rioters destroyed the red light area in Shrirampur driving out the sex workers from their homes and business, we were there campaigning for justice and supporting those who had lost everything.

  • Radio Nagar has started 24-hour broadcast increasing the reach of our community radio station which promotes our projects and activities.

We hope you enjoy reading more about our work which is continuing to transform the lives of our beneficiaries and would like to thank you for all of your support in helping us achieve this.

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