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From rock bottom to happy ever after

It’s unknown exactly how many babies are abandoned each year in India but it is known that over 90% of them are girls. Many of these babies are left at our center, but our Childline team and volunteers also bring us babies found abandoned in public places, sadly sometimes they are found too late. Many of the infants who survive are very fragile and/or premature and require hospitalisation and intensive care.

​Since we opened our doors in 2004 we have successfully rescued and saved the lives of over 500 babies, adopting them under a government approved and accredited process. Unfortunately, our current facility is struggling to meet demand, therefore we are building a new 50 bed adoption center with improved neo- and post-natal facilities and space for unmarried mothers to give birth in safety.

This will allow us to save more babies like Monali whose cries led to her being found hidden within some rocks in one of our outlying towns. At just two days old she had a deep wound on her cheek and her arm had been severely crushed. Luckily, she was brought to one of our volunteers who leapt into action, immediately seeking medical help for the infant. The outlook was grim, her arm had become gangrenous and it was touch and go whether it would need to be amputated. However, the blood in her arm was drained just in time and the limb was saved although she had to spend a total of four weeks in hospital undergoing further surgeries on her face and her fingers which still remain numb. Monali is now at our adoption center recovering well and a future with a caring family is guaranteed. On top of that, the volunteer involved in her rescue was so touched by her case that they have personally deposited Rs10,000 into a savings account for her. Another baby currently waiting for adoption is Monika. Her mother was 12 when, after sustained abuse from a 42-year-old relative, she became pregnant. We helped her through her pregnancy and birth with counselling and support while discussing all the options for her baby. She is now safely back in school enjoying her childhood and protected from the predator who raped her.

Help us to ensure no baby is left abandoned and unloved. Donate now to ensure our much needed new adoption center opens before it’s too late for another scared, pregnant girl and her baby.

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