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Building confidence

Nikita was just three when our Childline Team found her at a railway station. We tried to find her family but not being able locate them we brought her to our Rehab Center. Now aged ten she is studying in 5th standard. Reshma one of Nikita’s teachers noticed that she was isolating herself from the other students, avoiding joining in with activities and not listening in class.

The teacher spoke with Nikita's caretakers and other teachers, who said she was a very stubborn girl not willing to join in. Slowly, through speaking with her Reshma won her trust, describing how she too had lost her mother at an early age which helped create a bond between them. She gently gave Nikita suggestions on her behaviour that she could interpret in her own way and soon she started interacting more with her classmates.

The difference is pronounced, Nikita’s confidence has grown, she follows the school rules, and has improved her marks. She recently gave a presentation to 300 students and teachers!

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