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Ganesh Chaturthi - Rehab Center

Ganesh Chaturthi is a colourful and exciting festival held over ten days in honour of the elephant god. Although it is celebrated across the country, no-one does it quite like the Maharashtrians and we’re proud to say we also celebrated in style!

Ganesh moved into his home at the center of our Rehab Center in prime position to watch over the daily competitions arranged to encourage the creativity and talents of our children. These included Ganesha rangoli, clay figure and fancy dress challenges, musical chairs, singing and more with three winners in each category selected. A poster competition was judged via facebook with our followers able to vote for their favourites and the winners were those with the most likes. Our children were thrilled to hear that nearly 2,000 people across the globe had seen their creative designs, so thank you if you voted or shared their pictures.

Our winners were then treated to a trip out to either the cinema, ice cream parlour or ‘Chowpatty’ snack stalls. Thank you to Imogen and Sarah Graham who were visiting at the time for taking part in the festivities and providing the prizes.

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