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College calls as exam results hit new highs

Exam results - a cause for celebration

In a significant milestone for Snehalaya, this year our Rehab Center children achieved 100 percent pass rate in their 12th standard exams. We attribute the success to dedication, determination and discipline – of our students and teachers.

We are equally proud to announce a 78 percent success rate for our 10th standard students and, not to be outdone, at our balbhavan, the results were striking! Our students from the city slum areas also celebrated great results with top marks of 83 percent! Our firm belief that education help breaks the cycle of exploitation and violence have been cemented with these excellent results.

Empowering a generation of girls through education

Sonali who received top marks in her 10th standard, despite the recent diagnosis that she is HIV+ says: “Snehalaya changed my life. I’m ever thankful to my teachers and counsellers who helped me move ahead in my life.” She was admitted to our Rehab Center to receive specialised care and support and, thanks to an intense programme of counselling and emotional guidance from our caregivers, has adjusted well and is now full focused on completing her commerce studies.

Mansi from our slum school who was struggling to pay her tuition fees until our Care Club covered them, is equally thrilled with her results of 64 percentand is now enjoying her studies at art college.

And of course, our Anjun who escaped her marriage of three days to continue her education and is enjoying every minute of her learning nursing. Add link

A campaign to educate children

As part of our ongoing support to girls and women, we have joined the year-long campaign, Students Stand #WithMalala (SSWM), a collaboration between Malala Fund and Participant Media, to empower the next generation to raise their voices for all girls’ rights to 12 years of free, safe and quality education. Since our launch in November, we have shared Malala Yousafzai’s story and campaign with over 30,000 people.

Help us to empower more girls to complete their school education - Donate now.

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