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Paithani Saree weaving Project

Literature testifies the existence of Paithani silk since the pre Mughal era. The paithani of Maharashtra is not just a silk saree but is a treasured heirloom that is passed down to generations. It has been famous for centuries and the Marathmola (Marathi style) pattern is very popular particularly for wedding sarees. But due to modernization in manufacturing, style and trends, the tradition of hand-making sarees has been on the decline and it was in danger of dying out altogether. In order to bring back the original Marathi culture back into fashion, provide employment in rural areas and empower marginalized women, Snehalaya and Maharashtra Small Scale Industries Development Corporation (MSSIDC) have joined hands to rejuvenate the process.


How we help


Working in collaboration with MSSIDC, we aim to provide skills to a range of women and young people to preserve the dying traditional arts of Maharashtra.  The nine month training course trains candidates in the art of making Paithani sarees, including 20% theory and 80% practical skills by traditional Paithani making artisans employed by MSSIDC. Trainees are also provided accommodation and food and receive a stipend throughout the course. Once trained, they are fully qualified as Paithani artists as they get Government certificates and there is placement assurance as well and they also can start their own manufacturing unit. We also help them to raise their seed investment for starting their business and provide assured market rates for their finished sarees and Paithani material.


Who we help

The main objective of the partnership is women empowerment and employment. Priority is given to women and older girls from our Snehadhar project, sex workers who wish to leave prostitution. Women living with HIV and women from our local and rural areas, who are looking for an opportunity to earn, learn and set up a business for themselves.

How you can help


You can donate to provide the raw material and the equipment necessary for the saree making. You can also share this message with people around so the one in need can make this best of this opportunity.


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Buy your paithani

We have made it easy for you to buy Paithani of your choice; the type, the colour and the design . 

You can select the Paithani of your choice and place the order at Snehalaya.


Paithani shawls, Paithani kurtis and tops...

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