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family-based care

With over 30 years’ experience in caring for children from a range of backgrounds we have an established reputation for providing support to some of the most marginalized communities. We are fully committed to extending our current childcare provision to introduce more family-based care options to our current and future beneficiaries to ensure their full development.

How we help


We have the experience and expertise to develop a portfolio of family-based care options in the best interests of our children’s individual needs. We also aim to provide support for family-strengthening and placement of children with foster parents and in group foster homes, supported and monitored through a community care center, to reduce the number of children living in our childcare institution.

As an advocate for child rights, we have been instrumental in forming Ahmendagar District’s Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee (SFCAC) and aim to become the empanelled NGO to act as a district-level, one-stop-shop for family support and funding. By documenting how we are leading and implementing changes at a district level we are creating a replicable model which will be shared at state and national levels.


Who we help


The children living in our Rehabilitation Center come from a range of backgrounds and many are orphans or semi-orphans. We are fully committed to working in the best interests of each individual child to find the best family-based solution for them. This will aid their childhood development and ensure they reach adulthood fully supported within a family-based environment.


How you can help

This is an ambitious project which will transform care in our district and also provide a model for others to follow. We require financial and professional support to achieve our ambition. If you would like to help, please email

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IMMersive simulation lab

In February 2020, we hosted an interactive conference for stakeholders in the transition to family-based care in Maharashtra. 

You can read more about the day and the results which provide some of the simple steps to helping place children in families and also download the case study and workshop program delegrtes followed by clicking here.

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