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Our Pune shelter complements our services in Ahmednagar and is driven by our donors and wellwishers from the metropolitan city area.


Violence against women includes foeticide, infanticide, medical neglect, child marriages, bride burning, sexual abuse, forced marriage, rape, prostitution and sexual harassment at home and the work places and their abusers include in laws as well as partners.



How we help


Our short and long stay safe house provide legal aid, refuge and alternatives to those experiencing harassment, discrimination and domestic violence.


Telephone counselling offers legal advice and support, our short-stay home gives women medical care, shelter, counselling and guidance to deal with the immediate issues and we also provide vocational training and education, for those unable to return home.

Among the beneficiaries it serves are older girls and women from our Ahmednagar projects who wish to move to Pune to further their education and employment prospects, meaning we can continue to offer them support and protection.


Who we help


In two years, we have provided safe haven to over 100 women in Pune. Help us to provide shelter and support to even more vulnerable women and their children.



How you can help


You can donate to help us continue to provide services to vulnerable women. Share the message of ending violence against women on the 8th of March on International Women's Day and on the 25th of November on International End Violence Against Women Day. 


What's on

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Divya's story


Our story


Tel: 9011033011



Priyanka has a Masters in Social Work and runs our women's refuge. She is strong and courageous and passionate about providing a safe and rehabilitative space for the women she helps. 

We aim to provide a safe haven and emotional and practical support to all women experiencing abuse, mental and / or physical. 
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