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"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted"

ratna shinde

public relation office

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Ratna comes from a middle class family where her father worked with the police department. As a result she completed her education in many different village schools, as her father was transferred every six months. Life wasn’t easy, but she always had the aim to get a good education because she knew that it would empower her. She realized her ambition, completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and then a Masters of Social Work (MSW). In 1995, when completing her MSW, she was selected to do a block placement at Snehalaya.

She took part in our HIV awareness-raising work in red-light areas, contributing to outreach programs to empower women. She had a bicycle which was her companion in spreading the word of Snehalaya through our 'Snehavrut' newsletter and also wrote appeal letters for donations, sponsorship and thank you letters to donors.

She then started work as a caretaker and kitchen supervisor at our Rehabilitation Center then worked as a counsellor at our Snehadhar women’s shelter where she supported the women victims of domestic violence and also fought for their justice. Appointed as Health Co-ordinator for the 250 children living at our Rehab Center, she encouraged our HIV positive children to lead normal lives by counselling, encouraging and taking care of them.

Ratna now works in our Public Relations Office (PRO) where she can share her experiences and manage the records and communications with sponsors,donors and visitors. She also builds connections with volunteers encouraging them to work with us for good causes. 

​Her main job is connecting our donors and sponsors and keeping them updated with the events and activities here at Snehalaya. 

​So the next time you get a call from Snehalaya, you will know who you are talking to.

Contact No: 7498522381

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