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US Independence Day

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Happy Independence Day to all our US supporters.

This year Snehalaya is celebrating the American national holiday with our amazing volunteers from Indian’s For Collective Action (ICA) based in California. The team gave our Rehab Center kids a memorable 4th of July, pulling out all the stops for everyone here to celebrate a very different kind of Independence Day.

We actively encourage our international volunteers to bring the world and their cultures to our Rehab Center children. Previous volunteers have shared and celebrated Chinese New Year, Christmas, Pride, Easter and many other new and exciting cultural activities. In a Snehalaya first, the event started with the raising of the stars and stripes with volunteers haring quick facts about the USA. This was followed by games and competitions, distribution of American candies and flag pins and the obligatory fireworks.

Everyone involved really enjoyed this unique insight into an established American tradition. If you would like to bring your culture to our beneficiaries get in touch,

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