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Introducing two very talented young artists who are displaying and selling their work in Pune from 20-22 May.

Heena and Abhishek from our Rehab Center have been studying the ancient Mandala art for the past year or so, attending online classes with their teacher Rutuja. We hope you agree they have perfected the artform while also adding extra elements of their own personalities and lives to their designs. They are now ready to share their drawings with the world and have also agreed to sell them, alongside bookmarks and cards made by their friends.

They would love to show you their creations and will be at Acharya Atre Subhagruh, Pune this weekend. Please drop by if you can to support them and hear more about their art and lives at Snehalaya. All profits will go directly to the artists adding to their savings for the future. If you are unable to make it to Pune but are interested in learning and seeing more or owning one their designs yourself, please do get in touch:

Please also join us in wishing them all the best for a successful exhibition.

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