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SEMS Students-career paths

Ever wondered what it takes to make a radio station run smoothly? Our 10th standard students got to find out this and more on a visit to our Radio Nagar, community radio station.

The program was part of our Snehalaya English Medium School Teen Pathway project which aims to give our children the opportunity to explore different career options. Throughout their 10 std year we encourage them to ‘love what you do’, and focus on the skills, qualities and experience they will need to achieve their dream career. Once they hav sat their exams we then provide them with work experience linked to their choices. This year, this has included time in our PR office, kitchen, medical centers and fundraising teams.

The visit to the radio station allowed them to explore another career and they were able to speak with our radio team who explained and demonstrated their roles and responsibilities which include presenting and sound engineering. The visit also included time with our founder Dr Girish Kulkarni who gave additional insights into social work and career advice.

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