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Pravin Mutyal

Updated: May 14, 2022

“Pravin is a living witness of the journey of Snehalaya. He was born and brought up in surroundings of Ahmednagar’s Chitra Galli red light area and stood out when he joined Snehalaya while he was still in his primary class.
“Humble and soft spoken, he learns very fast, is flexible in his approaches and liberal in his views. He is also an easy, trusted and approachable first contact for many exploited women and children.”
Dr Girish Kulkarni, Founder, Snehalaya

Pravin is compassionate and patient in the face of adversity. A former beneficiary who was taken under the wings of our Founder Girish Kulkarni, he is committed to giving back to the organisation that helped him on the right path.

Pravin has undertaken and successfully performed many different roles working on social issues and awareness activities, starting as a volunteer with our Childline in 2003 and joining our Yuva Nirman (youth volunteers) project in 2006. The same year, after completing his MSW with the support of Snehalaya, he also started working as a field officer in our Snehjyot project for victims of the flesh trade.

Working his way up to Assistant Director for health-based projects his team has reduced the spread of sexually transmitted disease amongst sex workers from 60% to virtually zero and eradicated the prostitution of minors. Unable to take anything at face value, his obsession with objective observation and intense questioning is reflected in his success rate. On top of his administrative role, Pravin has enthusiastically participated in many social movements, social and health awareness programs, activities, workshops and sensitisation programs. From 2018 to 2022, Pravin also served as a member of the Ahmednagar District Child Welfare Committee.

In May 2022, Pravin was promoted to the post of Director - Projects (Shelter & Goverment Aided projects) and we look forward to seeing how he can transform and develop his teams and projects further.

“I prefer to understand and analyse the social issues ‘in the box’ and my place within it, rather than breaking out of it simply for the sake of it. I firmly believe that by collaborating with allied systems and partners we can work together to find the creative solutions that address the issues facing the vulnerable communities we have all committed to serve.”
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