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Mr Ramesh Kacholia visit

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

"Only compassion has the power to give meaning to life"
Ramesh Kacholia.

Those whose empty stomachs first make others restless and creative when a full plate is presented have a life blessed by God.

Ramesh Kacholia, affectionately known as Uncle in Snehalaya, has been an invaluable supporter of Snehalaya for decades. As the founder of Caring Friends, an informal association of philanthropists that functions as a bridge between NGOs and donors, he has connected and mentored us in countless ways contributing to our success. Ramesh Uncle has introduced us to many like-minded organisations, donors and professionals to help us grow over the past three decades and has been a constant inspiration to all.

We were so happy when he took three days out of his hectic schedule to visit our projects with Trustee, Arun Sheth. He had many opportunities to see our newest projects and interact with staff and beneficiaries. The highlight of his visit was an open interview with him before the launch of Devaswaroop (Discourse with life), a book about his life. Trustee, Rajiv Kumar, Marketing Head of Salesforce in India, hosted a lively question time with him discovering more about his journey to become the valued pillar of hundreds of organizations and movements in India.

Ramesh Uncle's “Discourse with Life” is an invaluable treasure for anyone who wants to explore a meaningful life.

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