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Meet our storage space hero

Meet Parshuram, affectionately known as PK. He is in charge of Snehalaya Store and just like the alien PK (played by Aamir Khan in the movie of the same name) who accidentally lands on earth, our PK also happened upon Snehalaya by chance. Originally from Sangli, about 200km from Ahmednagar, he came to our city in search of work and started working near to our campus.

When PK visited Snehalaya to find work for his wife Archana, a BTech graduate, they both ended up with jobs. Archana works in our Rehab Center helping care for our 200+ children and they both live on site with their small son.

With more than 500+ residential staff and beneficiaries and over 20 projects, our store caters to a variety of needs, ranging from food, clothes and cosmetics to stationery, utensils and cleaning supplies. PK oversees purchasing, sourcing quotations and suppliers, stock control, distribution, and supervising the full store process. This includes coordinating our annual requirements and a purchase timetable of food grains, stationery, cleaning goods, educational materials, books, footwear, sports and games.

We receive many in-kind donations – new and used clothes, footwear, furniture, food grains, educational materials, sports equipment – and PK checks and segregates every single item. Those in a useable condition or can be easily repaired are stored, those that aren’t are transferred to our warehouse for future use.

To help with his huge job, our trustee and IT expert Mr Shashikant Satbhai developed store-keeping software to help PK see the current stock levels, speed up the process of purchase, and understand and fulfil the requirements of each project better and faster. OK is supported by our Admin Service Head and some of our beneficiaries, registered in our ‘Earn and Learn’ program, and we are currently searching for a skilled, full-time colleague for PK. Please get in touch if you are interested,

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