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Kits Distribution

"Thanks to Snehalaya & Give India and its generous donors, not one but many families are directly benefitting."

The three basic human needs are food, clothing, and shelter. Most people can live with essential clothing and shelter, but the challenge of where to get daily food from has made life extremely difficult for daily wage workers who cannot work.

Over 90% of India’s 500 million workers are employed in the informal economy, such as construction workers, food vendors, rickshaw drivers, scrap collection workers or sales earning daily wages of Rs around 100.

Our Snehjyot and Balbhavan projects, sister projects Baba Amte Sanstha and Anamprem, Uchal Foundation and Civil Hospital are working together to help underprivileged children and women. With help from Give India we were able to provide 2800 of the most vulnerable families with Grocery kits containing food essentials and grains which will fill their stomachs for 1 to 2 months.

We were delighted when we saw the happy smiles on faces as we distributed the kits.One of the women receiving the kits said: "I was so relieved when I got my grocery kit, I can now manage my household and provide my family with three good meals a day. We genuinely bless Snehalaya and Give India for saving our lives and giving us a future."

Thanks to Give India, we have been able to provide thousands of families during and after the pandemic with this much needed and valuable support.

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