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Book Launch: Unstoppable

Updated: May 27, 2022

Snehalaya is proud to have been invited to launch the publication of Unstoppable by Manthan Anand Shah, a young writer of 22 from Ahmednagar. The podcaster and college student has received the prestigious Schwarzmann Scholarship for his study of global affairs.

Published by Penguin Random House, Unstoppable is a self-help non-fiction book written for young adults. After four years of research, Manthan's book chronicles the journey of 40 youth icons and features stories of Olympians Dutee Chand and Deepa Karmakar, rapper Kaam Bhaari, track and field para-athlete Sandeep Chaudhary, astrophysicist Karan Jani, acid Attack survivor Reshma Qureshi and Sanket Deshpande, the youngest Indian to send a satellite in space, among others. The stories are assisted by research from renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, social sciences and leadership. The book not only provides inspiration to create something extraordinary from ordinary circumstances and resources but also highlights important factors and provides a ‘plan of action’ to achieve one’s goals.

The book was further brought to life during the author's conversation with the chief guest, Vedangi Kulkarni. This amazing young woman cycled around the world earth in just 160 days and traveled from England, especially for the book's publication. She shared her experience: "Sometimes I faced bears, sometimes I was asked to pay bribes to get visas, sometimes I froze while traveling alone, sometimes there were accidents, but I did not waver." Para-athlete, Devika Malik, one of the confidants of the author, also shared her thoughts online.

Among those being honored at the launch were Manthan's grandmother, Kusumben, father, Anand Shah, mother, Kavita, and Vedangi's mother, Aparna Kulkarni. Tribute was also paid to our late trustee and long-term stalwart of Snehalaya, Ramakant Tamboli.

Unstoppable is available at Uday Agency in Ahmednagar and on Amazon with 25 percent of the proceeds being donated to Snehalaya and other social organizations.

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