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Ashadhi Ekadashi

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

It is said that children learn from their experiences and observations, so in Snehalaya English Medium School, we celebrate various festivals to give them real-life experiences. The first festival of the year we celebrated was 'Ashadhi Ekadashi'. Our cute little kids, from pre-primary to 10th standard participated in this celebration.

The children came to school dressed up as little warkaris carrying cymbals in their hands and wearing a rosary around their necks. Girls wore a nine-yard sari and carried basil pots on their heads. The school premises were full of these little warkaris singing bhajans and Aartis. Later all the participants gathered to make a big round called 'Ringan'. They all sang Lord Vithal’s aarti along with our school dignitaries.

Children enjoy playing games like lezim, bhajan, taal, fugdi, pavli, etc. in the school premises transformed into a mini Pandharpur and the children enjoyed preserving our cultural heritage.

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