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Lessons in love

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Sangeeta is popular with our children

Meet Sangeeta, aged 28, joined our Snehalaya English Medium School in 2013 after seeing a documentary on our work while studying for a Diploma in Teacher Education. After joining snehalaya, she has completed her degree education of bachelor of science. She soon became a firm favorite, teaching our 5th standard class for three years and proving popular, and becoming a friend to children from other categories. She won them over by building their trust, listening, and learning skills through storytelling, songs, and other activities, which improved their behavior and concentration. As she says: “I find children respond much better to love and positive reinforcement than punishment, and when they are treated in this way, to visits and encourages to their results and performance improve significantly.” She may still be young, but her natural warmth and talent at bringing out the best in our children meant that when the role of Educational Coordinator came up at our Balbhavan, Sangeeta was a natural choice. The part includes supporting the 14 teachers that run evening classes and extracurricular activities across our seven slums schools to improve the education and opportunities of the children who live there. Through teamwork and understanding their encouraged abuse counselors, she has brought the same positive attitude to nurturing and encouraging our slum teachers and the 700 children who regularly attend their classes. Sangeeta can often be found within the warren of lanes of our slums conducting regular surveys to check on children missing school and counseling them and their parents to discuss why. School visits also help her check in on their progress and address any issues excluding them from mainstream education. Her strong interest in computing has helped her review and standardize our data on our beneficiaries and improve the curriculum and exams we deliver. This includes our Balbhavan scholarship program, which allows 20 high achievers from each community to attend additional classes and take part in a test in March. The which will see the top scorer from each of our seven slums receives a sum of money towards their educational support.

Sangeeta got awarded for her outstanding work in the Educational field from Lokmat Ahmednagar.

Also, she stands #WithMalala to spread the awareness of girls’ education.

EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and LEAD is the vision of her work. The Snehalaya runs educational programs in Ahmednagar & outside that improve the lives and futures of girls.

One of the most important things of her life was in 2018, Sangeeta got selected for a 15 days Teacher exchange training program in the UK. This was a memorable experience for her. She said that I would like to give heartfully thanks to the snehalaya family for giving me this golden opportunity. Fresh, om this year, she was promoted to Headoffice as Ass. of the fundraising department.

Snehalaya runs a cooperative credit society for snehalaya’s employees. Sangeeta works in that society as a secretary.

She said that I would like to share here. One thing is, I think there is no one place like snehalaya. Here we learn life skills. Experience plays a teacher role in our life. We can get every experience at snehalaya. Currently, Sangeeta has been taken admission to the Master of social work. She wants to do lifelong work for snehalaya.

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