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"I wish I could have helped my parents the way I now help others"



Mayuri grew up in a slum in the shadows of Aurangabad’s district hospital. Her father was a daily wage worker on construction sites and an alcoholic while her mother worked as a housemaid. Their already difficult financial situation was worsening day by day as her parents began to feel sick repeatedly and were finally diagnosed with AIDS.


Both parents quickly succumbed to the illness and Mayuri and her two sisters were tested for HIV. Unfortunately, Mayuri and her youngest sister tested positive for HIV. None of their relatives were ready to take the orphans in so at just 7 years of age Mayuri and her two sisters were admitted to Shri Sai Baba Institution.


Mayuri studied up to 10th standard failing her final exams and upon reaching 18, she could no longer stay at the orphanage. Without the qualifications to support herself, she was transferred to our Snehadhar women’s shelter where she re- appeared and passed her 10th standard board exams. She was very keen to become financially independent and signed up to our ‘Bedside Nursing’ course, completing it in December 2018. She is now employed as a nursing assistant at our Caring Friends Hospital and Research Center, earning around Rs 5,000 per month. Mayuri is now one of our best nursing assistants treating and caring for HIV+ patients and we continue to support her in her dreams of becoming a qualified nurse.

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