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"I feel I am back on the right path"



Laxmi’s parents were both killed in a road accident when she was young. After her parent’s death, she started falling ill recurrently and as both her parents had been HIV+ her grandparents suspected that Laxmi too may be HIV positive. She indeed tested positive for HIV and unable to look after her properly, her grandparent’s came to Snehadhar for help.

We provided 15-year-old Laxmi with shelter but she was tremendously depressed and required intensive counseling. Accepted into our family and provide with proper medical care and support her tensions soon lifted and she completed her education.

After completing her graduation, Laxmi expressed her desire to marry so we enrolled her into our matrimonial program for HIV positive people and she found her perfect match. She continues with her treatment and her husband also provides her with love and support.

Love is everywhere, we just need the right person to find it!

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