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Covering a largely rural district, many of our beneficiaries come from farming communities and have been forced to seek our support due to the impact of drought or economic migration. Working with Fullerton India we are creating support groups of farmers to empower them to create sustainable farming practices.


How we help


Our Krushimitra (farmers' friends) team is a network of outreach workers who engage with and support our local farming communities. They approach farmers, and encourage them to work together through practical sessions, groups discussions, guest speakers, activities and training on sustainable and effective farming methods, water management and the use of technology in farm production methods.

The team also arranges residential courses for farmers at our Agricultural Training Center, exposure field visits to large-scale farms, industries and educational institutions and organises farmer fairs where communities can come together to share best practice and join or form their own cooperatives.


Who we help

Membership of our network is open to all farmers, if you are iterested please contact


How you can help


Donate to our agriculture projects to help us reach and empower more rural communities.

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7 years

of a constant state of drought in Maharashtra since 2012 

610 farmer suicides

in Maharashtra in the first 90 days of 2019

Over 15 million

farmers in Maharashtra

paani foundation

In 2019, we partnered with Paani Foundation, on the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup which encourages villages to apply their training in watershed management. 

"Snehalaya has been working with the symptoms of the disease for many years, now Paani Foundation is giving us the opportunity to work on a large scale cure"


Girish Kulkarni

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