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"I have found a passion for nursing"


rehabilitation center

Jaya experienced a difficult childhood. Although her father made a good living from the small hotel he owned, he spent most of his earnings on alcohol. Her mother did her best by selling vegetables but soon was fed up by her father’s behavior and returned to her parents. While her mother worked, Jaya was looked after by her grandmother. When she was just six years old, Jaya’s mother died and unable to afford to look after her on her own, her grandmother sent her to an orphanage.


Jaya lived there until she was 16 when, struggling financially, the orphanage transferred Jaya to Snehalaya. She completed her 10th Standard board exams but didn’t want to continue in academic studies, preferring to take vocational training. She opted to take our ‘Bedside Nursing’ course after which she was employed at our Caring Friends Hospital. She has recently secured another job as a bedside assistant and hopes to complete her graduation in nursing.

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