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SHOW YOUR SUPPORT by hosting a screening of snehalaya films and raising much needed funds for our projects.

We have put together this playlist of some of our most moving films, including those written, directed and acted by our talented children, and covering some of the very serious circumstances that brought them into our care. The running time of each film is given next to the title. If you would like to show some of our other films there is plenty of choice on our Snehalaya YouTube channel:

 If you would like to host a screening please email so we can support you in promoting and managing your event. 

Prisha's story (8 mins)

One girl's brave story of how she came to Snehalaya and put the trauma of her childhood behind her to turn her life around.

Based on the true story of one of our beneficiaries.


By award-winning film-maker,  Lotje Sodderland.

On Track (3 mins)

When a kite flying prank goes seriously wrong, Vishal realises he must change his life for the better.

Based on the true story of one of our beneficiaries.

Think Positive (30 mins)

When a mother gives birth to a HIV+ child she makes a life-changing decision. Fortunately Snehalaya is there to provide love and support to the child.

Directed by Snehalaya beneficiary, Javed. 

Think Positive 2 (30 mins)

A popular singing competition takes a sinister turn...

Directed by Snehalaya beneficiary, Javed. 

Don't Stop Me Now... (4 mins)

When one of our funders Mercury Phoenix Trust called for boys and girls to celebrate the life of Freddie Mercury, we just had to get involved. 

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