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We need your support to make this campaign a success and improve the prospects for girls in receiving equal access to education.

We have achieved great success in working with female sex workers and girls vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation since 1989. Educate, Empower, Lead will allow us to reach wider and educate girls at risk and we would like to invite you to join us. You can support us by:

  • Signing and returning our pledge

  • Hosting one of our girls’ education workshops in your community

  • Offering to speak at one of our events

  • Advocating for equality in education with your local influencers and policy makers

  • Donating to our girls’ education projects

  • Visiting our projects to see how we are providing education and working to prevent CSEC

  • Opening your own slum community center and school, contact our Babhavan team to find out how we can help you

  • Follow and share our campaign through social media


Complete our online form or contact us at:


Plot 239, F Block, MIDC


Maharashtra 414111

Telephone: +91 9960622915


With a 20% rise of women and children trafficked in India in 2016, it has never been more important to stand with us to ensure girls receive the education they need to make the right life choices and avoid exploitation.



Stand with Snehalaya and you are also standing with Nobel Laureate, Malala Youszafi. Known for her own stand against the Taliban she has supported our work in reaching girls throughout our district for the past three years. This year you can help us reach more by spreading the message of the importance of equality in education to your community.

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