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"One person can make a difference and everyone should try"

balasaheb warule

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He is a resident of Ahmednagar. He enjoyed  a normal childhood as that of every other kid and completed all of his education from Ahmednagar itself.

But there was something his family noticed about him. They always felt that he was soft-hearted and had a desire to work for the betterment the society. Keeping this in mind his father asked him to work with our founder Dr. Girish Kulkarni. Knowing all about Snehalaya and the work it does for women and children, he willingly joined Dr.Girish since 2008.

He pursued a degree in MSW (Masters of Social Work) at CSRD (Centre of Studies for Rural Development, Ahmednagar) parallel to doing social work with Girish Kulkarni. After completion of his Master’s degree, he got a job opportunity at Bengaluru as an HR Manager. He went to Bengalauru where he worked for six months and was transferred to Goa. However he never had the job satisfaction which he got in Snehalaya. Sensing his dissatisfaction, his father suggested that he should rejoin Snehalaya, the family he loves to be with.

Taking the advice seriously he quit his job to serve the people in need. He joined Snehalaya as a social worker. His first interaction with Snehankur was when he along with the team rescued a baby girl, Aarohi who was abandoned on the streets of Shevgaon.

This was the turning point of his life. He got motivated to do something for the betterment of the lives of these newly born babies. Since then he has never looked back. He got promoted  from a social worker to the Asst. Project Co-ordinator and now he is the Project Co-ordinator of Snehankur. It’s been three years that he is working with project Snehankur. He likes caring for the babies and giving them the best and secured future.

From the past three years, Snehankur has been the topmost center for ‘Adoption’ in India and he is looking forward to maintaining the same standards for years to come. He has incorporated some new policies for the security and maintenance of the adoption records (which are highly confidential and sensitive).

When asked about Snehalaya, “Snehankur is my home and Snehalaya is my family”

Tag line, “Help others”

Contact No: 9011026483 

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