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"Help one another. There is no time like the present and no present like the time."

sagar fulari

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Sagar’s childhood was as normal as any other kid. He completed his education till 12th standard in his home town; Ahmednagar then graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) specializing in Geograpgy and completed his post-graduation in the same. He then joined the Centre for Studies in Rural Development (CSRD), again in Ahmednagar, to complete a Masters of Social Work (MSW) and started working in Snehalaya as a volunteer at our Snehadhar project in 2017.

Doing something good for society has always an interest and responsibility to him and working in Snehadhar as a social worker he has come to considers it as his family. He manages our Snehadhar call center,where most calls come from women facing domestic violence. He is known for his active response and 24x7 service providing help whenever needed. With around 60 cases per month, he provides women short-term shelter, guidance and counselling. Along with this he also performs outreach activities and organizes events like Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan, this is a scheme to develop the confidence and personality of women who come from the rural areas and deprived sections of society. . He has written many of the success stories of our beneficiaries, most of which have been broadcast on Radio Nagar- Awaz Tumcha 90.4 FM

When asked about Snehalaya’s importance in his life, he says: “We live in a society. So we need to give to our society. I like to do good for our society and I will do it forever. Snehalaya has given me this beautiful opportunity”

Contact No: 8805269993

Helpline No: 9011363600

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