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"You were born with the ability to change someone's life, don't waste it"

amol gore

technical expert

Our Technical Assistant – The IT Wizard 

He was born and bought up in Kada, Ashti. He completed his primary education in his home town. With the increasing need for higher education and job opportunity, he decided to move to the city. He came to Ahmednagar for his further studies and decided to join Sarda College to complete his bachelor degree; Bachelor in Computer Science (BSC) and passed out in 2016. But as he is a believer in self-independence; he began earning while he was still learning. Since 2013 he has been working and supporting his passion to work with computers. 
In his professional career he never thought of stopping on this ladder of success, but when he started working with Snehalaya, he came into contact with our children. He then realized that he had a soft corner for them. That made him stay still and think for a while about 'what is it that he is been searching for?' Coming to the conclusion that he decided to work for the children of Snehalaya. When asked why, our IT WIZARD says;"when I see these children, smile it gives me peace at heart and I inspires me to work even harder to maintain those smiles on their faces forever." Even our children have developed a strong bonding with him. 
Be it any computer related work like editing, designing, social media, skype call from all over the world, CRM, presentations, CC TV etc etc you name it! he is the person to contact. He is very dedicated and motivated towards his work and is always there to help. 
Besides his love for the computer, he also has his interest in photography. With each event or activity taking place for or at Snehalaya he is the one clicking pictures and making it social on our official website. 
Recently he has been given the responsibility of being the project coordinator of “Smile”, which is our health based sanitary pads manufacturing unit. As we mentioned earlier he has a belief system for self-independence with which he dreams the same for our beneficiaries working for the project Smile, thus empowering them. 
Snehalaya, for him, is his family, and he strives hard to achieve its vision and mission. 

Contact No: 9011113820

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