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"Never Say Never"

taj shaikh

Fund raising department

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Meet our FRD (Fund Raising Department) Champ. He was born and bought up in Shrirampur, Maharashtra. He completed his school and college education in Ahmednagar and Pune respectively. He pursed his graduation degree in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Diploma in Education (D.Ed) from Ahmednagar Education Society Bhausaheb Firodiya High School and Junior College. 
As soon as he completed his education, he applied for a job in Snehalaya after reading the job advertisement in the newspaper. He got selected for the job profile of a teacher (part-time) after having completed the interview process. He joined Snehalaya in 2013. 
After working as a teacher, impressed with his hard work and data management knowledge he got promoted to the FRD. He is working in FRD from past four years and has successfully justified his job profile. 
His key achievements are very inspirational to all. He is the person who actively manages the donor relation and data management respectively during the Paani Foundation campaign and Satyamev Jayate (Water Cup) participants and telecast. He played the key role in creating the CRM and donor management module. He has been awarded as the Best Employee for the year 2018-19. And he is the board member of Snehalaya’s Cooperative Society. Indeed, he is the all-rounder CHAMP.
When asked about why he likes working in Snehalaya, he said;”Snehalaya offers job opportunity and help without any partiality, offers job security and job satisfaction. Along with the professional life, working here gives me a chance to do social service”
“Snehalaya is my family and will always be.” 
Tag line: “DON’T QUIT.”
The secret behind this tag line is that he read this poem in school; he liked the meaning of the poem and has always applied in his daily living since then. 

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