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AWARENESS PROJECTS are pivotal in raising the plight of our beneficiaries, challenging social stigmas, raising funds, recruiting staff and volunteers, and holding government and judiciary to higher standards. In addition to our regular grassroots outreach we have hosted a number of awareness raising campaigns, and established a network of advocates and partners around the globe. 

Our campaigns have raised awareness for women's education, violence against women, human trafficking, and HIV and AIDS. We are currently challenging the recent changes in adoption law (CARA) which has drastically relaxed the background checks of prospective adoptive parents, putting children at risk of trafficking and abuse.  

We belive in education through communication to end ignorance, violence and injustice. 


youth programmes


The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and young Indians have an increasing social conscience that we want to encourage and support.

Twice a year we welcome the next generation of social workers and activists to attend a three-day conference to learn more about our work and discuss social issues. High profile guest speakers, such as Anna Hazare, inspire and debate their work with attendees covering subjects as diverse as human rights law, violence against women, child protection and the power of social media. The programmes not only raise important issues in our wider community, they also encourage social work as a subject and as a vocation.

Youth Programme


In rural India, radio remains the most popular media directly reaching out to our target communities. Radio Nagar is the first community radio station in Ahmednagar, broadcasting in our local Marathi language 24/7.


Through entertaining features on local and topical issues and popular Marathi and Hindi music, we reach and serve the people of Ahmednagar giving them a community focused forum.

Radio Nagar
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Our Krushimitra (farmers' friends) team is a network of outreach workers who engage with and support our local farming communities. They approach farmers, and encourage them to work together through practical sessions, groups discussions, guest speakers, activities and training on sustainable and effective farming methods, water management and the use of technology in farm production methods.


mission water

With the support of the community, Paani Foundation’s Ahmednagar’s tehsil team and Kaustubh Amte’s Anandwan Progressive Alliance for Community Action programmes we have helped to design a solution to the severe drought affecting our local community. After inspecting our two local reservoirs that have run dry, we are moving the silt from both to deepen them so they can accumulate larger quantities of rain water.

Mission Water
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