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"I have received all the love and care from the Balbhavan teachers as that from a mother. I would always strive to make them proud "



Balbhavan has a great record of encouraging girls to educate themselves to pursue their dreams. One of our Balbhavan is situated in Mukundnagar which is a Muslim majority slum. Ashila is one of our regular Balbhavan students and Bhausaheb Firodiya High School one of the reputed  schools in Ahmednagar. She has always been a sincere child and passionate about education.

Her mother left their home when Ashila was a child. Her father and Ashila are the only members of the family. Her maternal aunt stays just next door and is always supporting Ashila. As she has never had her mother around to share the little things in life her aunt has been a great support for her. As Ashila is his only daughter, her father was initially reluctant to let her continue her education in higher classes.  But after the Balbhavan team counselled him, he agreed.

Ashila appeared for the SSC exams (10th Std) this year and passed with flying colours. She scored 81% marks and stood first in all the Balbhavans. Ashila now wants to pursue a career in the science stream. She has proved to be an example for all those girls in the Mukundnagar Balbhavan who want to continue studying further. We continue to guide, support and encourage all girls in our Balbhavan to move forward and succeed in their life. We wish Ashila all the best in all her future endeavours.

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