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"Snehalaya's belief in me has built my confidence"



When Usha’s mother died there was no one to look after her at home so she was sent to an institution where she lived with her sister until she was 18. With no other place to go she was then admitted in our Snehadhar project.


When she arrived, Usha had many behavioral problems and was bullying the other women and girls living in the project. She had a very short temper, was bossy and encouraged rivalry between people, which led to brawls and fights. Having failed her 10th standard board exams, she saw no future for herself. Our team noticed that when she was given work, she was quick to learn and earnest in her tasks. They decided to give her more responsibility and began to see positive changes in her behavior. Usha was made the head of the street play team for our Nirbhay Kanya campaign, an initiative to raise awareness of women’s rights, through speeches, street plays, public meetings in schools, colleges, bus and railway stations, etc., throughout our district.


Usha did a great job and gained the confidence to resume her education and complete our bedside nursing assistant course and an internship in Snehalaya’s Caring Friends Hospital. She is now working as a nursing assistant in a well-known hospital while completing a degree with the Yashwantrao Chavan Open University which will help her to become an ANM in nursing.

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