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"I feel so lucky that when my own family turned me away Snehalaya was there to give me a home and hope"



Urvashi is highly educated; however as one of five sisters her family struggled financially and didn’t have the capacity to keep a close eye on her. Unknown to her parents, Urvashi met a young boy and when they developed a physical relationship the teenager fell pregnant. When she told her boyfriend, he immediately abandoned her. Recoiling from that, she was dealt a further devastating blow when her family and sisters did the same.

Facing the difficulty of being pregnant completely on her own, Urvashi lost her mental balance and with nowhere to turn she started living on the streets. Fortunately she was spotted by our Snehalaya volunteers who brought her to our adoption center, Snehankur. Suffering trauma, we provided her extensive counseling and medical treatment, and her mental capacity gradually started to improve. Continuing treatment and support Urvashi gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Despite our support she felt unable to cope with being a mother so young and without her family to help gave her daughter up for adoption. We found her baby a very good adoptive family and continued to counsel and support her and when she finally felt strong enough to move forward in her life we encouraged her to complete a course in nursing.

Today Urvashi is a fully-qualified nurse, working at a renowned hospital in Pune. She will never forget her daughter and despite the fact that her own family turned their back on her she has found her own mental peace by serving the sick and helping others.

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