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"My dream is to build a home for me and my sister"



Tulsi and her sister were found wandering the streets of Nagpur and with no way of tracing their family they were admitted to a local orphanage. Finally, when Tulsi reached her 10th standard, her aunt found them at the orphanage and showing the required legal documents she was able to take the two sisters home. Tulsi met her grandmother and found out her father had died with HIV. The sisters were tested for HIV and the tests came back positive.

In a tragic twist, none of the girls’ relatives were willing to continue to take care of them and again they were abandoned. This time, as Tulsi was considered an adult and her sister a minor,  they were sent to separate institutions. Tulsi pleaded to be reunited with her sister and finally both were sent to Snehalaya - Tulsi to our Snehadhar women’s shelter and her younger sister to our Rehab Center.

Wanting some stability in their lives, Tulsi expressed a desire to join our ‘Bedside Nursing’ course. We supported her and she passed with flying colors and is now employed in our Caring Friends Hospital. She continues to live in our shelter home, keeping a watchful eye over her sister and hopes to continue her career in nursing while saving her earnings to secure a place that she can call home for herself and her sister.

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