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"I take pride in my role at Smiile and love being the boss"


rehabilitation center

The last memory Puja has of her childhood with her family is when her relatives dropped her at an NGO in Pune after the death of her mother. She was soon transferred to our Rehabilitation Center where she has become one of our extended family.


Having completed her 10th standard, Puja was keen to join our earn and learn scheme to help her save for further studies. She was placed in our Smiile (sanitary pads) manufacturing unit. Straight away she was a quick learner who had a natural interest and curiosity to learn more about the project and soon mastered the 5-step manufacturing process. Three years later she is now running the show, leading the teams of part-time workers made up of other beneficiaries on our earn & learn scheme. She is diligent and dedicated, working day in and out to deliver orders of the popular pads to maternity hospitals and medical stores.

Puja has developed many skills which we know will help her in her future plans. She says: "Snehalaya has been there for me always. Staff have educated me and empowered me to be self dependent and I am looking forward to continuing my further education to gain the skills and qualifications to help me support other girls the same way I have been supported.”

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