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Up against Darkness

Up Against Darkness, authored by Medha Deshmukh Bhaskaran and published by Sakal Publications, Pune, brilliantly captures the journey of Snehalaya led by Girish Kulkarni was launched on 3 March 2023 at the World Book Fair in Delhi.

Speaking at the launch were Shriram Pawar, Editor & Director, Sakal Publications and Ms Sharon Gupta, DDG, Ministry of Communications. Girish shared a few words on his journey which was followed by extracts from the book narrated by Air Marshal Retd Ajit Bhonsle. The author then shared how she was overwhelmed when she first heard Girish's story and felt compelled to put pen to paper to share it through her book, dedicated to Lata Pawar one of the first sex workers who helped Girish start the journey of Snehalaya.

Visitors to Snehalaya can pick up a copy of Up Against Darkness at our offices and it is also available via Amazon: and Flipkart.

Watch Shivaji Kale, Sam TV, New Delhi, in conversation about the book with Dr Girish Kulkarni.

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