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World Mental Health Day

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

On World Mental Health Day, we admitted seven patients to our Sneh Manoyatri Rehabilitation Center. Six males and one female, suffering from mental health issues had been found living on the streets. The same day we were also able to reunite three patients with their families after four months of treatment in our center.

At the same time, another of our projects, Manasgram, a deaddiction center associated with Karandikar Hospital and Dr Bharat Vatwani's Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation, encouraged 14,000 students from nine colleges in our district to take an oath to stay away from addictive substances which lead to mental health, homelessness and other issues. Police Inspector Kalyani Patole of the Pune City Social Services Department was also honored in recognition of the support we receive from the city police departments where we operate.

Twenty-five students from a local social service department regularly help Sneh Manoyatri Kendra. Other activities during the week, supported by the Head of Mental Health Department at Ahmednagar District Government Hospital, Dr Tejaswini Miskin, included volunteers and postgraduate psychology students from our city colleges assisting in the admission process of the new patients. Another 150 students from Karve Social Service College, Pune, were also given information on the gestures and body language that help identify mental health patients.

In the last three years, our Sneh Manoyatri Rehabilitation Center has treated 123 patients found on the streets providing treatment and locating their families in order that they can be reunited. Through our discussions with patients and through our network of contacts we are able to find families from all over India and in one case as far as Nepal.

We are grateful to Karve Shikshan Institute in Pune and Professor Chetan Dewan who have given financial support to the mental health activities of Snehalaya.

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