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Health outreach

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Our Caring Friends Hospital & Research Center also delivers regular outreach programs within our district. A recent health diagnosis camp was organized in Mhasne village, Parner in association with Career Midea. This camp included physical examinations, women's and children's health check-ups, blood pressure checks, blood tests for diabetes and blood group identification, all provided free of charge.

Free medicines were also distributed in the Arogya Nidan Camp and Dr Archana Lande, Medical Officer of our Caring Friends Hospital & Research Center also advised on the importance of regular health check-ups and taking advice from doctors to live a healthy life. Particpants also heard more about the facilities our hospital offers. Plant Head of Career Midea, Jaydev Singh, said that they will support similar health camps in 24 villages more villages in Parner to ensure a healthy and robust life and to improve the health of the local villagers.

A total of 119 villagers were given free medicines after their health check-ups with 111 also receiving blood and other tests.

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