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Children's Day

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Children's Day was celebrated with enthusiasm on 14 November with Snehalaya's Childline and Marathi Patrakar Parishad Ahmednagar. This year, a cycle trip was organized with the government and semi-government bodies of the city. The yatra started from Appu Hatti Chowk in the city and ended at the Mahatma Gandhi statue near Wadia Park. Enthusiastic cyclists from the city and students of Rupibai Motilalji Bora New English School of NCC participated in this cycle yatra.

Chief guests included Secondary Education Officer, Ashok Kadus, Assistant Child Labor Commissioner, Nitin Kawle, District Child Protection Officer, Vaibhav Deshmukh, Marathi Press Council, Mansoor Shaikh, Tofkhana Police Station Sub-Inspector, Saadhan Solunke, Special Child Police Squad Officer, B.B. Nandurkar, Child Welfare Committee Member. Advocate Anuradha Yewle, and NCC Officers, Vinayak Chaudhary and Bhaiyya Boxer.

Children's Day and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Jayanti were also celebrated with enthusiasm in our Balbhavan with lemon and spoon and rangoli competitions. Sweets. educational materials, patties, samosas, chocolates, wafers packets, and ladoos were distributed to the children .

"A child is like a ball of clay, and an idol is made as it is to be shaped."
"Children are the flowers of the rose."
"Childhood will give God the ant sugar semolina."

Our Snehalaya English Medium School also celebrated with Honorable Bageshree Jarandikar, Head of Ahmednagar Child Welfare Committee, giving a valuable message to the children who compete with themselves rather than with others to succeed in their future lives. She also guided them to be goal oriented in life by taking inspiration from it. The school's principal and teachers also presented entertaining dance, drama, and singing for the children. Various fun games were organised.

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