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"Snehalaya gave me a beautiful life"


rehabilitation center

Maya lost her mother to HIV when she was very small. Her two sisters were already married and had moved to live with their husbands’ families and her brother and father went to work each day, so Maya would be left all alone at home for hours on end. Her father knew this was unsafe for Maya, and when it was discovered that she was also HIV positive, he had the extra worry of her wellbeing and treatments and a diet he could not afford. 

Eventually, when Maya was 10, a friend told him about Snehalaya and knowing it was for the best, he reluctantly admitted her into our Rehab Center. We enrolled her in school and provided her with counselling and HIV treatment. She successfully completed her 10th Standard, but didn’t feel able to cope with further studies so she started helping our staff out with household chores. When she turned 18, she expressed her desire to get married and we helped her find her match at our annual matrimonial gathering for HIV positive people. She is now happily married and pursuing a beauty therapy course. Finding her soul mate helped Maya enjoy and love her life once more. 

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