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"Snehalaya has opened doors to a whole new life"



Having been abandoned by her family and lost all hope for a happy life, Kirthi was considering suicide. Then she found our Snehadhar team, dedicated to helping women in distress, who gave new meaning to her existence.


Growing up in a small village, as a girl Kirthi dreamt of leading a self-sufficient life with a loving family and doting husband. While studying to become a teacher, she became friends with Anil. When their friendship turned into love they decided to marry and it seemed her dreams would be realised. However, Anil’s family was against the relationship based on the poor financial status of Kithi’s family and refused the union.


Unable to marry Anil, her family married her off to another man. Unknown to them, he had psychological problems. Soon he started abusing Kirthi mentally and physically. Her in laws were no help, warning her against telling anyone about her husband’s illness. The atrocities by her husband became worse and one day, Kirthi could bear it no more. She tried again to talk to her in laws, but her appeals went unheard. So she fled to her father, but his financial condition and social pressure made him helpless to support her and instead he brought her to Snehalaya. Here she was provided temporary shelter, food, clothing, psychological support and legal aid to register a case for separation from her husband. Gradually, Kirthi recovered from her depression.


Now she is helping as a superintendent in our women’s shelter supporting others fleeing persecution, violence and more while also studying for the civil service examination that will ensure her independence and the self-sufficient life she dreamed of. Kirthi now believes that the only road is ahead.

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