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HEALTHCARE PROJECTS provide vital care to our beneficiaries and our wider community, from life-saving neonatal care and provision of free HIV and AIDS medication to sexual health education and counselling. We run innovative peer educator programmes, that allow often illiterate sex workers to educate their peers through pictorial health books. Our work has seen a vast improvement in the reduction of STDs, including HIV/AIDS and our interventions ensure there are no underage sex workers in our entire district.

Caring Friends Hospital & Resource Centre

There are over 2 million People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLHA) in India, and Maharashtra state has the second highest number of people afflicted by the disease. 


PLHA require a range of specialised HIV services including care, treatment and support. The progression of the infection and consequent weakening of the immune system also makes them vulnerable to Opportunistic Infections (OIs) such as TB.


Snehalaya runs the only hospital specialising in the care of patients affected by HIV in India, and we offer treatment and dignity to those that others turn away.

CF Hospital


Male & female sex workers clinicS

Ahmednagar is located on a busy transport route and as a result sees high levels of prostitution and trafficking. We rescue and rehabilitate trafficked and forced sex workers, and provide support, free health checks and vocational training to over 3,000 men and women working in prostitution.

We face constant challenges when dealing with trafficking and prostitution, especially when it comes to minors. Hundreds of thousands of children go missing in India every year, sold in to the sex trade. Help us put an end to trafficking. 



Tamasha is a hugely popular traditional Maharashtran theatre with singing and dancing performed by local theatre groups. Jamkhed in Ahmednagar District is one area known for this art form.


When the curtain falls, the crowds flocking to the nightly performances are increasingly demanding after-show entertainment in the form of sex workers. We are working with the theatres to provide fee health check ups and our other support services to these sex workers.


smiile sanitary products

We are addressing our beneficiaries’ menstrual health through our small-scale Smiile manufacturing plant. The production is simple yet cost effective producing enough maternity and regular sanitary pads for our own beneficiaries needs with the surplus sold to local markets. 

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