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"Snehalaya saved my childhood"



Dolly was rescued from her father, stepmother and two step brothers by Snehadhar team in 2018 when she was 18 years old. Dolly’s mother had divorced her father and left Dolly with her father. Her father soon married again. The new mother already had two sons from an earlier marriage.

When Dolly became a teenager her father started making advances towards her demanding to have sex. Dolly was terrified by this regular harassment and talked with her stepmother who refused to believe Dolly, warning her if such an incident was to happen, she should keep her mouth shut and end her life. Dolly’s father persisted escalating to trying to molest her.


When Dolly’s stepmother was due to leave her and her father alone for a few days she was terrified and shared her fears with her neighbor. This neighbor was a volunteer with Snehadhar and immediately called our helpline to rescue the girl.


Our Snehadhar team reached Dolly the day her stepmother was due to leave and brought her to our Snehadhar shelter home. She was mentally disturbed and physically weak. After regular counseling, Dolly’s regained her confidence and talked of her dream of becoming a police officer. Dolly has taken admission in a local college and joined the National Cadet Corps (NCC) which will help her achieve her dreams.

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