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Over 65,000 children are reported missing and remain untraced in India, a figure which has grown by 84% in the last three years. Nearly 10,000 children went missing in Maharashtra in 2016. Abductions and kidnappings by family and non-family members, child marriages, runaway, trafficked, and lost children are among many more cases not even reported.


How we help?


We were the first toll-free telephone line and listening service for children to call in India and are still recognised as the number 1 best-managed service in the country’s national network of 499 ChildLine centres. ​​Over 300 calls are received from our district every day, from children themselves or concerned adults who consider a child to be at risk.

Our team responds swiftly to investigate every call, working with local emergency services to rescue any child in danger. We are unique in also conducting day and night patrols of transport hubs, buses and trains passing through our district, temples and other areas where runaways or abducted children and abandoned babies end up. Our extensive network of volunteers also plays an essential role in reporting those in vulnerable situations and helping provide vital outreach work auditing health and education facilities in slum areas and raising awareness of the 1098 number.



Who we help?


We have taken on nearly 9,000 cases since 2003, including a landmark case that exposed 20 high profile figures as paedophiles: all were prosecuted and all received double life sentences.



How you can help?

Help us find vulnerable children and protect them from sex traffickers, child labour and marriage or worse, by donating to the project, or volunteering with our team. 

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We're proud of the work we do here at the hospital, but we hope that with greater awareness, the rates of HIV and AIDS can be significantly reduced in Maharastra.

Hanif Shaikh

Hanif takes care of our ChildLine team and those they rescue. He is fiercely dedicated to fighting injustice and protecting the rights of children. 

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