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"Snehalaya helped me to redesign and mend my unraveled life."



Little did she know when she married him that Bharati’s husband was an alcoholic. A couple of years into their marriage, Bharati gave birth to a beautiful daughter. While she should have been enjoying motherhood her husband’s drinking was getting worse and he started abusing her. Finding his behaviour unbearable she took the bold step of divorcing her husband and returned to her parents home. There she met another man and believing he loved her, she began to have sexual relations with him. When she got pregnant he ditched her and her disapproving parents also demanded she and her daughter leave their house.

Having heard that Snehalaya helped women like herself she approached us. We gave the mother and her child shelter and support during her pregnancy. Unable to support herself, Bharati chose to relinquish her new born baby girl but was determined to keep her older daughter with her. We continued to give her a home and helped her to complete her education and gave her additional vocational training in cooking and fashion design. Bharati now works with another organization where she lives with her daughter and has decided not to marry again. She continues to sew, making the extra money to ensure her daughter a good education. 

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