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IT and vocational Center


Less than 1% of rural households in India own a home computer with internet access. With IT skills being a growing and necessary requirement for government and other professions, our IT Center allows those without a computer the facilities and training courses that will enable them to apply for these skilled jobs.


How we help

We have been providing subsidised and free computer education to young people from red light districts, slums and rural areas, women in our rescue shelter and people from other lower socio-economic backgrounds since 2009 and many of our graduates are now successfully employed.



Who we help


Our classes cater to all levels, from the basics of word processing and creating an email account to more specialised courses in photoshop and computer aided design. Students can also undertake the state certificate in IT which qualifies them to apply for well-paid and secure government positions.



How you can help

No-one should be held back from a successful career simply because they cannot access a computer. Help us to continue to improve the prospects of those from lower socio-economic backgrounds through our subsidised courses.

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latest news



Pooja has been taking online maths courses so she can apply to become a teacher.

I didn't get the opportunity to go to school, and I don't have a computer. The courses I have been taking will help me get a job. 
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