Our team is like one big extended family and we're very proud of all who work with us, from the executive team and project managers, to carers, peer outreach workers and our wonderful volunteers, we value the contribution of everyone. Our executive and management teams oversee a number of projects each, are kind, hands on, and work tirelessly to fight for justice and the health of our beneficiaries.  

Over 250 volunteers work with us every year, and they have been vital in building networks with our local community. Without the trust of local people our projects would struggle to have the same impact that they do now. Take a look at some of the things our volunteers have to say about us

We also have a number of international representatives who raise awareness and funds for the organisation, helping to give Snehalaya a platform to share its stories with the world. 


Dr. Girish Kulkarni


Girish is a trained journalist and professor with S.P Pune University. He is a pioneer for social change, a visionary and an inspirational leader. Girish holds a doctorate in Political Science and Public Management, as well as two masters in Politics and Sociology, and he was bestowed the President of India Award 2012 for his service to his country in the field of Social Work.

Prajakta Kulkarni

Adoption Centre Director 

As Girish is the 'father figure', his wife Prajackta is the 'mother figure' of Snehalaya. She is the Founder and Honorary Director of Snehankhur Adoption Centre, that rescues abandoned infants and seeks safe adoptive families for them. Prajakta operates with compassion and warmth to the centre's unwed mothers and consistently fights for the rights of the women and children under her care.

Anil Gawade

Senior Assistant Director

Anil is the 'problem solver' and main point of contact for many who work with us.  He joined as a volunteer and was behind our ground breaking 22 double life sentances case during his time running our Childline office. As head of operations, Anil manages much of what we do as an organisation with enthusiasm, poise and a keen awareness of priority.  He also maintains relations with funding agencies and donors.

Hanif Shaikh

Assistant Director - Education 

Hanif initially joined Snehalaya as a volunteer before joining the staff team in 2004 to work in our Childline Project. He has since taken our Education programs to new heights by overseeing the smooth running of our school, IT centre, Childline and slum-based drop in centres. Hanif is the 'man who can' and works with drive and gusto, carving our real opportunities from situations previously filled with impossibilities and conflict.

Pravin Mutyal

Assistant Director - Healthcare 

Pravin is compassionate and patient the face of adversity. A former beneficiary, he has wanted to give back to the organisation that helped him, becoming a member of staff and working his way up to his current role. His team has reduced the spread of sexually transmitted disease amongst sex workers from 60% to virtually non-existant and eradicated the prostitution of minors.

Sanjay Gugle


Sanjay is a successful business man, family orientated and highly active in the field of social work. He devotes much of his time to being an approachable father figure in the organisation, continually placing the welfare of staff, volunteers and clients at the forefront of all he does.  The family of Snehalaya think of him as their supportive and caring friend.

Rajiv Gujar


Rajiv is a local industrialist, his factory is near Snehalaya's flagship project, the Rehab Centre, and since joining us in 2007 has brought many strategy policies into the running of the organisation.  Rajiv is responsile for developing the administrative and financial function of Snehalaya.

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Snehalaya, Home of Love Project and Snehalaya UK are all trading names for operations in India and beyond that all represent our projects and services operating since 1989 in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra - India.


All donations given to any part of our organisation, unless directly specified, will be spent where most needed for the betterment of our beneficiaries in project running costs and in building capacity through organisational development.


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