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"Thank you Snehalaya for finding me the right match"



Shantai was very young when, against her wishes, her family arranged her marriage to an elderly man. Unsurprisingly, soon the differences between them grew beyond hope and Shantai applied for a divorce from her husband. After the divorce was finalised she returned to her parents’ house. For a while she was happy until one fateful day a distant relative who was visiting her home raped her.


When she became pregnant, her parents, fearing what their community would say of them supporting an unmarried mother, threw her out of the house. She approached Snehankur where she was able to give birth in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment. She chose to give her baby up for adoption and like in so many cases we were happy to offer further support in our women’s shelter until she felt strong enough to leave. With little education and confidence we helped her fulfil her wish of finding a new, younger and more compatible husband. We found her a suitable match and she now lives happily with a husband she loves and their newborn son.

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